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Patientys English

Patientys is a company dedicated to patient support programs, including :

  • Disease prevention, risk assessment and wellness coaching
  • Patient screening, optimized care path and HCP referral  
  • Treatment initiation facilitation, home dispensation/training, patients and HCPs education
  • Treatment monitoring, side effects prevention, patient motivational coaching, treatment adherence programs
  • Outcome measure and medico-economic evaluation
  • Medical information services, Pharmacovigilance filing and  health crisis management


With more than 100 000 patient interactions per year, provided by a staff of +100 healthcare professionals, Patientys is France leader in care management.

The company is unique in its ability to design, implement and measure innovative programs that deeply affect patients’ lives.

We rely on a “phygital” hybrid model, combining digital solutions and medical staff interventions. Our results have been published in numerous scientific publications.

Patientys serves more 80 clients, pharma groups, insurances, hospitals and government agencies, internationally (Europe, Russia, India, …).


For more information:

Dr Jérôme Stevens,
Chairman of Patientys

Tel.: + 33 (0) 1 77 70 25 00
E-Mail :