Our Expertise

Expertise, innovation and quality at the core of all our solutions!

For 20 years at Patientys, we have been able to develop our expertise and our know-how, for each stage of the life cycle of health products. We systematically suggest integrating new technologies into our solutions to present you with ever more innovative solutions and unique experiences, in perfect harmony with your expectations and those of your health targets.

At the centre of all of our projects, our objectives are to improve the patient treatment plan, their quality of life and to facilitate the practices of healthcare professionals.

The implementation of our operations is based on three pillars that define our strategy:

  • Responsiveness: being first in the benchmarks
  • Innovation: guarantee a fluid and consistent experience
  • Initiative: create value by transforming your activities

At Patientys, we are proud to work alongside you to build future health, together!

Screening and prevention

Our coordinating teams in Boulogne-Billancourt, supported in the region by our team of professionals, are able to lead individual, group or plenary sessions to deal with the change in lifestyle on different themes: nutrition, tobacco, physical activity, stress, quality of life at work, etc.

Follow up and support of chronic patients

Patientys implements the initiatives with patients and healthcare professionals to provide support to patients and their caregivers, but also to promote proper use, coordinate their treatment plan, support them in monitoring side effects and even encourage compliance.

Training healthcare professionals

Thanks to its salaried nurses and its network of more than 520 private-practice nurses throughout the metropolitan territory and overseas, Patientys intervenes on behalf of its customers within the framework of:

  • Training pharmacists on the Good Use of Drugs
  • Training nurses on the handling of medical products/devices
  • Training medical teams on the motivational interview

Thanks to these skills, we allow all players in the patient treatment plan to be able to care for patients and to improve the multidisciplinary approach for all those involved.

Drug delivery

Treatment delivery by Patientys from in-house pharmacies to the patient’s home
Specialised in treatment delivery for haemophilia, Patientys uses its know-how to ensure perfect traceability of treatments, delivery in compliance with the cold chain, while guaranteeing perfect coordination with in-house pharmacies.


  • Teleconsultation
  • Tele-expertise
  • Remote surveillance

Medical information

Management of incoming requests, level 1 & 2, PV management, carried out by experienced healthcare professionals
The significant increase in InfoMed and PV activities, the sophistication of level 2 requests, coupled with increased regulatory requirements (Risk, HPST, ETP, active PV) and increasing patient expectations lead laboratories to reinvent operating methods to focus on these new demands.


The purpose of the patient training programmes, as defined by the HPST law, is “for patients to learn how to handle the technical gestures" of taking their treatments.
Patientys set up this type of programme in 2004 and our specifications were used for the constitution of the 2009 decrees.
Today, we manage more than 90% of the training programmes validated by the ANSM, with an unequalled level of expertise and quality.

Support for clinical studies and follow-up of TUA patients

Patientys supports you in the implementation of your clinical studies. In collaboration with the CRO, we can:

  • Support investigating doctors
  • Train hospital teams
  • Help patients complete their questionnaires
  • Make patient support calls
  • Make available general-trained nurses at home or in the hospital


With more than 10 years of experience in accompanying chronic patients, Patientys has enriched its solution with a proprietary digital application, Promed, for patient clinical and laboratory results follow-up.

Our teams have implemented internal patient monitoring software integrating several features for patients and healthcare professionals.

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